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Types of Chisels

Your chisel can be one of your simplest, yet most useful woodworking tools. Its simplistic design makes it easy to handle and can help you to quickly solve a variety of problems. It can be used to remove big chunks of wood, metal or stone. Or, it can be used in finishing and to create intricate details. There are many types of chisels and each has a variety of functions.

In general, there are two types, ones that you hit with a mallet and ones that are intended for paring or shaving. Most modern chisels will have a larger flat head on the handle if they are intended for pounding with a mallet, or they’ll have instructions imprinted on the handle or on the package. Older mallets can be a little harder to tell. Most will have a metal ring around the handle near the butt of the chisel.

A slick is never intended for pounding. A slick is a chisel that has a blade wider than most, two to four inches wide, and is intended for pushing, not pounding. The handle will be more slender. The blade and the handle will not be perfectly straight, but should have a slight angle so that when you’re pushing the blade, it will be flat against your work while the handle is high enough for you to fit your hand. A slick can be really long, around two feet, and can be steadied against the forearm or shoulder. These are mostly used by timber framers and ship builders.

Japanese chisels are very popular because of their strength. The blades have layers of two kinds of steel hand pounded together. They may even be laminated by hand over a charcoal fire. Chisel makers are respected artists and sometimes the descendants of sword makers. They often use ebony or other hardwoods that have a unique color or wood grain, and they often sign their work. Japanese chisels are known for maintaining their sharpness. They can easily be identified by the hollow back on the blade.

Japanese chisel makers hollow out the back side so that it is easier for the owner to maintain the flatness of the back. The back side of a chisel needs to be completely flat so that it can slide over surfaces. A high gloss shine is preferable. Any convex, or high points, will cause the chisel to rock and give uneven results. By carving out a concave section in the back center of the blade, there is less metal to keep flattened and less surface area to push against your work.

Chisels can be many feet long or look a lot like a nail. Some are so delicate that they can carve on something as small as a toothpick or tiny dowel. Smaller dowels can be put on a lathe and carved out with a tiny chisel to create wooden toy parts, such as doll house spindles or other decorative pieces. If you’re not sure which type of chisel to use for your woodworking project, consult a professional or search instructions for clues. With a little trial and error, you can improve your chisel skills and create beautiful wooden furniture, wooden toys, and more.

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About the Author: Dave Murphy is the founder and president of Good Wood, Inc. which manufactures wood products in Ohio. Good Wood, Inc. makes dowels and dowel rods, all types of wood components, custom wood parts, and more. They offer safe wood finishing, wood turning, and a plethora of wood parts needs. Visit for your wood product needs.

Face Painting Success – Are You Going The Extra Mile With Regards To Your Customer Care?

Face Painting at birthday parties and company events, although lots of fun and extremely lucrative, is not all about just providing your service for the fee being paid to you. How the booker perceives you, and the support of the additional customer care that you provide, will go a long way in building your image and your business.

Customer care is all about going the extra mile and doing just a little bit more for each and every one of your Face Painting customers. It’s not just about providing a first-class service, it’s all about doing the additional unexpected things, for no charge at all, and that will put you way ahead of your competition, way ahead!

So how can you stand out from the other Face Painters and Children’s Entertainers in your area and be viewed as the best and most contentious there is?

· On arrival to a booked event, give your customer a free gift, for no reason at all. Just because you care. This could be a reward of some kind – maybe for the 21st Face Painting customer this month, a cinema ticket for the birthday child with a bag of sweets, a box of Crispy Crème Donuts with sachets of Hot Chocolate for the adults, a discount coupon from an allied children’s industry (like a school uniform voucher). The list is endless as there are so many more ways that you can make a good, and lasting impression with your additional customer care.

· Listen out to their needs, wants and desires and act on them. Is there something that your Face Painting or Entertainment company can offer them, can you help in anyway. I make a habit of listening in to others conversations, especially mums waiting in a Face Painting queue, as they tend to chat about previous entertainment experiences. Listen out for any negative statements such as “She never did this…” or “They were supposed to that…” or “He told me he would…” These words are signs of dissatisfaction – can you act on them and fill a gap in the market?. Positive words are also good to be on the look out for, because if someone is being praised and recommended for their Face Painting or Children’s Entertainment service, you too need to be doing whatever they are doing as well.

· Become genuinely interested in them, and by this I don’t mean just nodding or shaking your head in conversation. Listen deeply and intently when you are chatting with your customer and give good, interesting answers and comments. Make a mental note of anything they say that will help to build your relationship and provide a better Face Painting or Entertainment experience. For instance if they tell you a snippet of information about little Johnny, maybe his reaction to a birthday present, maybe a nasty fall in the school playground, or maybe about his school trip to the zoo, make sure you remember it and write it down as soon as possible. You can then use this information when you next see them at a local event or birthday party, or when you next email them, or when they next book you. Your outstanding memory will go a long way and little Johnny’s mum will be so impressed that you remembered such a thing. I have used this tactic many times in my Face Painting and Party Venue businesses. It works a treat!

So, get your thinking caps on. Sit down right now and make a list of all the additional care that you are going to add to your Face Painting or Entertainment customers lives, starting with the free gifts and rewards you can offer, then how you will capture their positives and negatives with regards to their wants, needs and desires and finally how to record useful personal information that you can use at a later date.

Not only will this please them – you will also get a great sense of satisfaction.

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Sherrill Church is a well-known Face Painter and Children’s Entertainment expert. She is an International Published author by Random House (UK) and Sterling Press (USA) and has just launched her ‘Face Painting For Profit’ step-by-step home study guide. You can grab the first chapter for FREE here

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Sherrill Church is a dynamic individual who is passionate about helping others to reach their ultimate dream of running a profitable entertainment enterprise or home-based business.

She is a well-known Face Painter and Children’s Entertainment expert with over 19 years in the industry and has many successful businesses to her name. If you too aspire to be the best, click here:

Choosing The Right Origami Paper

If you have an interest in taking up the ancient art of origami, you will find that it is an enjoyable and incredibly addictive hobby. To help to ensure that you create designs that you are proud of, it is important that you use the right type of origami paper. The choice of material has a major bearing on the type of designs you can master, it would be a mistake to use any old sheets to try and create intricate models as the results are not going to appear as intricate and detailed as you may wish.

Before you rush out to your local arts and crafts store to buy an assortment of sheets, take a moment to check out the following information. These tips should help to ensure that you invest in material that reduces errors, and allows you to create origami figures that you are immensely proud of.

To start with, you should think about who are you making the design for. If it is only for personal pleasure then you do not need to invest in high quality material, on the other hand, if the final product is be given as a gift, you should choose paper that will enhance the appearance of the design.

Different types of paper should be used depending upon what your are planning to make. An intricate rose flower with many petals would require a special type of sheet, but if you are just starting out with a few basic designs, regular paper should suffice. Also, consider the color of the material, choosing dual colored sheets can help your creations appear more realistic and interesting.

Your budget will also have a bearing on the material that you use. Origami is often thought of as an extremely affordable hobby, though certain special paper can be expensive. Always have a budget in your mind prior to visiting an arts and crafts store, and do not go above this limit.

Those people who take origami extremely seriously will suggest that the best material to use is what is known as “kami”. This is a specialist form of paper that is traditionally associated with this ancient art. Fortunately, it is not so expensive, and you may even find it for sale in your local dollar store. Kami is lightweight and can be creased with ease, both of which are desirable properties in origami. The only downside with using kami is that it can tear easily if you are heavy handed.

An interesting suggestion is to use tinfoil. You can get hold of tinfoil in a range of different colors, and it is a material that is easy to fold, which is also rigid and not easily torn. Tinfoil is a great option for beginners as it is relatively cheap and easy to source.

For an altogether different appearance, how about using dollar bills. Dollar bills are of a suitable size for small designs, are durable, and crease well. Presenting a friend with a special design made from a dollar bill will certainly raise a smile.

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Tory burch Footwear fabricate you relaxed

Shoes are not purely a abercrombie inevitability, however they habitually like to look good. Tory burch footwear have something else obtainable for them. They sense nice, like well. Abercrombie & Fitch And they are fabricated in Indonesia.
The comfort that there are in a after work, low-heeled supple Tory burch shoe are going to carry you by the daylight hours. An uncomfortable footwear may perhaps make your day deplorable. And shoes have a drift to disturb your day, like you are all the time with him the world over.
You will stand in them, be seated in them, hike in them. You may well ought to make a presentation or a oral communication in them. If they usually do not feel fine, you will not feel nice, and it is achievable that you would not accomplish correctly with anything it is you are accomplishing.
The cozy informal footwear may establish to be the most wanted couple of shoes in your wardrobe. Of course, those attractive, sparingly impoverished, 3 inch heels will get you points. Although they are so aching to march in that intermediate to the union, you wonder why you let yourself by means of this. Fine, the respond is vanity, certainly. And you are almost certainly planning to dance in them. You would hurt tomorrow, although you would suppose it was entirely superiority it. Your back and spine would not, in spite of this.
On the contrary the supple leather-based slide on footwear could look wonderful, too. The whole you need to carry out is wear them with the suitable shape. If you are tall, only with reference to any shape would be nice, like you may purchase away with a flat footwear. If you are petite, a light pair of pants and a casual blazer is a faultless look.
Thus, prevent the attractive high heeled footwear for those situations when you are going to be standing most of the time. Moreover take care of yourself to the ease of Tory burch footwear for the administrative center and for recreation, as well.

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Thus, prevent the attractive high heeled footwear for those situations when you are going to be standing most of the time. Moreover take care of yourself to the ease of Tory burch footwear for the administrative center and for recreation, as well

Teaching the Woodcraft Skills to Beginners

If you are thinking of teaching the wood crafting skills to your kids then you can search for some good kids clubs or the best thing is that you can experiment with a simple shelf or a birdhouse. For such kinds of projects, the wood craft supplies is very much cost effective and this becomes even more cheaper if you are ready to experiment with borrowed power tools and scrap lumber. There are many people who are willing to donate their supplies and tools to the people who really want to learn about the techniques of wood crafting and craft paint. But there is few important woodcraft supplies that you need to purchase. So make a list of these essential things according to your budget.

Purchasing the Supplies for the Wood Craft:

• Sandpaper: It doesn’t matter which project you are undertaking, you always need sandpaper in order to eliminate the splintered and cut edges and ends to make out the smooth surface. Sandpaper is available in different grits and you need to have the assortment of all kinds.

• Wood nails and screws: Your wood work will never be completed without the process of hammering and drilling. So always get the wood nails and screws which are long enough so that they can be attached to your wood.

• Wood Glue: If you are using wood glue before using the wood nails and screws then this means that you are making a strong lasting bond in crafting your wood items. Once the glue is completely applied and all the joints are put together then you can wipe out the excessive glue which has been squeezing out.

• Paint and Stain: Little and small bottles of the paints can be purchased from the hardware stores and the craft stores. If you want to provide the wonderful finish to your birdhouse then you can always go for the clear spray sealer. This sealer will help in sealing the paint from all types of weather conditions.

• Other Equipments: Other Equipments like the Jig Saw, Power drillers, Miter Saw, Clamps, Sander, Measuring tapes and goggles can also be purchased.

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Jag Jenny shares knowledge on wood craft and craft paint that make you able to find the product that best fits your needs.

Using Garden Pots For A Great Project With Your Kids

Have fun with your kids while doing something useful – container gardening! This will certainly help keep them from getting bored and they will love learning how to plant in garden pots. And, seriously, what could possibly be better than getting their little hands dirty while growing their own food. They might just be inclined to try some new foods they wouldn’t ordinarily try (I know this works since I saw it happen with my own 6-year old son.)


Let’s start off with the containers. Garden pots come in a wide variety of styles and materials they are made from, like clay, stone, wood, plastic, etc. For kids, the safest material to use is plastic – its lightweight and its pretty hard to break. The next best option is wood but wood containers are mostly used for decoration as they don’t hold water well and a plastic pot will have to be placed inside the wood container.

Now is a great time to have your kids decorate the pots. Acrylic paints work well on both plastic and wood. Look for paints that are non-toxic. Once the pots are decorated to your taste (or rather, your child’s taste), you should pick out the location where you are going to put the pot as it can be heavy once its filled with soil and harder to move.


I recommend using a good potting soil as opposed to putting in plain old dirt. Potting soils are blended specifically for use in containers and they are made to hold water (which means less watering – and less maintenance). Its always a good idea to help freshly placed plants get a good start by feeding them with the proper nutrients. Mix the recommended amount into the potting soil (a guide will be printed on the bag). Be careful not to add too much as this can kill the plant.


Choose you plants according to the type of garden you want to grow – herb, vegetable, or flower. Then pick by size according to the size of your pots. Certain plants (such as tomatoes) will require larger sized pots. Remember, plants can be easily transplanted into larger garden pots later if they get to large for the pot you started with. As you can tell, this would be a great project for you and your kids and they are sure to love seeing (and eating) the fruits of their labor.

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Andy Raydall has been working in gardens since early childhood and has always been interested in educating others on gardening and landscaping techniques. If you’d like to know more about container gardening, visit All Garden Pots.

How To Macrame – Tips On How To Create Lovely Macrame Items When You’re Just Starting Out

One can learn from many places how to macrame, should they wish to look into this. Making intricate knots which create full patterns which can additionally be shaped into lovely necklaces, flower pots and decorative wall hangings is what macrame is all about as a craft. The first and least complicated part in trying to learn how to macrame, if you’re interested in this topic, is understanding the fundamental knots and some diagrams.

The internet is a great place to begin looking for ways to learn how to macrame. Graphic aids are of immense support and will make trying to learn how to macrame simple. For lots of folks it’s more convenient to follow diagrams instead of written guidance which can be challenging to comprehend. And when you have familiarized yourself with the visual aids, it’s time to get the supplies to start the process of macrame.

Checking out a diagram, no matter how well descriptive and explained it is, won’t offer much help for you to know how to macrame effectively. It is necessary to have thread to basically know how to macrame efficiently. Additionally, practice is a key component in learning how to macrame, just like with any learned art. And a good way to begin training is by locating some clear, training models of standard diagrams. You’ll find the simpler ones to be less complicated than the intricacies of the complex ones. You’ll be able to progress in to them with plenty of time and practice.

Aside from the simple knot designs, you will also need to be able to concentrate and practice for a little bit before you are able to remember the actions and form balanced knots. This won’t be learned when you’re in a rush, you have to take things step by step should you wish to learn how to macrame. After you have perfected the basic knot patterns, then proceed to line them up to create basic works like bracelets. Apart from the knots, you also must have an eye to match the appropriate colorings to bring out the knot works.

Bracelets are excellent for newbies since they can be produced by lining up the simplest knots without much headache. When you’re sure of your ability, you may proceed to addressing more complex patterns. The biggest advantage of these sophisticated and advanced patterns is the fact that they may be shaped to form beautiful items which are distinctive and visually attractive.

To work out a period of time that will take to learn how to macrame will depend on numerous factors like how quickly you are able to learn the technique. When you have been knitting or sewing for years the degree of difficulty should be significantly less since there are some similarities with the technique.

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Lean To Shed Plans

Would you love to build an impressive work of art that you can call your own and be proud of? If you are looking for more information on lean to shed plans then you have come to the right place. Grab a cup of tea or whatever your favorite beverage may be sit back and enjoy!A lean-to shed plan is a good idea for people who like to work with there hands. Building a shed can be very stress-free when giving the right tools, and plan.

Building your own shed can feel like a intimidating job you must complete. Nevertheless, with if you plan sensibly in advance this woodworking project can become very easy.

Looking at the overall big picture, building a lean-to shed is not as hard as you think it is. Who knows this could be one of the most enjoyable projects that you have worked on in a long time.

First of all you need to watch these things to start off on the right track. First things first, You must decide what size you would like your lean-to shed to be. What you want to do is simply survey the area were you would like to start building your shed. Make sure you have enough space in your selected area.

Make sure you have a mental note of what you are going to be using your newly built shed for. For example, if you are going to use your shed for storing older furniture then make sure you analyze how much space it will take to store that furniture.

Now that you have figured out the exact size of your shed, You must specify the type of materials you will be using to get this project up. As far as I know most of these shed plans have a list of materials that you will need. But If you can not afford some of the materials that are listed you can always replace them with other types after doing proper research to see what else would work for this specific project.

We all know you must reflect on the type of budget you have available for this project. As a little tidbit wood is the most common and less pricey material when it comes down to shed building. As a matter of fact wood is the only material I work with.

Make sure you make it look good put some pride into what you are doing! I know you don’t want what looks like an old tree-house connected to your beautiful place of residence.

To lessen problems that can be prohibited, I would advise that you use a high-grade lean-to shed plan. This way the plan is easy to follow and will prevent future frustration.

Try to find a shed plan with pictures this way you can see step by step what you are doing through out your building process. This is truly a time saver and very rewarding.

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DIY Windmill – Why Building One Can Save You Tons Of Cash!

A few years ago I started looking into solar energy. Just like you, I started with an online search on how I could save money with solar electricity.

I was shocked to see how much it cost to have solar panels installed at my house. The estimate I got was over $35,000 and the pay back time for that was just way too long. I didn’t have that kind of money, not even close. I was resigned to the idea of paying the electric company each and every month until I met a friend who had a solution. He revealed to me where to get the info and the know-how that I needed. Before he shared this info with me, I didn’t have a clue!

He shared:

What to do before you start – Without this information your whole attempt to create useable electricity could be pointless (very important)

How exactly does solar and wind power work – learn the whole process. I bet this will be very valuable to you!

Build your own solar power generator -Complete setup instructions with easy to follow illustrations! Also, build your own solar panels to save extra money! (easy to follow diagrams)

Build your own wind power generator – You can generate useable energy with a home made windmill for under $200! + it will be very professional looking! (complete with diagrams)

After reviewing what he’d shared I found, Building a small wind power generator turbine is not difficult. The average home work shopper can do it using simple tools. Detailed illustrated plans with instructions are available and make the task fairly simple. Used auto parts,wood and a few odds and ends will build a very efficient generator which is easy to operate and maintain. Put it on the roof in your city or country home or on a free standing support and generate your own power free, courtesy of the wind and every little breeze.

For those who are like I am and are tired of being held hostage by the electric companies, and ready to get started on their own today, go to:

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for more info

Dog House BluePrints

Making a dog house yourself for your best friend is not just a great way to save your hard earned cash. It also can also be a very rewarding experience for you as a pet owner. Before you actually go ahead with the task of building the dog kennel, it is important to look at some dog house blueprints and decide which plan to follow.

Thanks to the many dog house designs available in this day and time, both online and in stores, designing a kennel and planning its construction is not a very difficult task. Also, it does not matter if you have never built a kennel before in your life. Most of the designs that you will find are basic, easy dog house plans for construction and do not require you to be a professional builder.

In order to find the best suited plan for your pet’s kennel, it is important to carry out thorough research. Do not just settle for the first design that looks appealing. You must shop around, analyze the designs and then select the one that is best matched to your budget,rations and your dog’s nature and mass.

In order to find these types of blueprints, you can either get in touch with a local specialist or search through the various designs presented online. There are a range of sources on the Internet that offer free blue prints for dog houses.

After you have narrowed down your choices of plans, you can carry out some extra research and decide on the blueprint that will make your pet the happiest.

The house that you build for your pet will be its resting and leisure place for quite some period to come. It is important that you give your most superb friend the most perfect house possible, and for that, you need to have the best possible design, which will later be converted into the best possible kennel for your pet.

When deciding on a plan and pattern, keep the material in mind and make a verdict accordingly. Wood is the most frequent material when it comes to this type of task.

When it comes to dog house blueprints, when you start browsing, you will realize that there are so many different choices that it is very easy to get perplexed. This is when you can turn to a professional for help. Professionals will examine your requests and those of your pet and evoke designs which will be realistic and also fall into what you can manage to pay for.

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