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Safety Tips for Woodturning

Wood-turning is another form of woodworking that has come along way since it’s inception when the Egyptians first started with a two person lathe. Back then, one person would spin the wood using ropes and another person would hold the cutting tool carving designs as the wood would turn. During the industrial revolution it was motorized which greatly increased the speed of rotation making it easier and quicker to turn out completed projects. Today we have computerized lathes that are capable of mass producing identical items such as baseball bats but we still have the ones that artistic turners like to use to produce items in smaller quantities with a more personal touch.

As with any hobby, there is a lot to learn when you start using a lathe. Just learning the terminology associated with lathes such as headstock, tail stock, spindle, taper, saddle, cross feed and cross slide, just to name a few can be confusing. Then you have to decide what tools you are going to need, scrapers, gouges, parting tools, bowl gouges are a some of the common chisel types available. Before you decide on the tools or start learning the terminology, you need a lathe. Decide exactly what you would like to do before you purchase your lathe. There are small lathes that can be bench mounted like a pen-lathe for example, which is used primarily as it’s name suggest to turn pens, they are lightweight and easier to move around then the larger floor mounted models that are available. I just recently was fortunate enough to see a pen that had been turn using deer horns, beautiful. The three basic types of are engine lathes, turret lathes, which is a form of a metal working lathe and special purpose lathes. Which ever model you choose, be willing to take the time needed to properly learn the safe, proper way to use it, maintain it and to keep your tools sharp.

Because your wood can be turning at a high-speed, safety is a very important factor. Here are some safety tips:

*Always were protective Eye wear, a good quality pair of safety glasses or a full face shield would even be better.
*Don’t wear loose fitting clothing ( if you wear long sleeves, roll them up above your elbows. Don’t wear any dangling jewelry, even long hair that is not properly tied back or covered can get caught in the spinning lathe.
*As with any machine that has moving parts, stop it before you make any adjustments or measurements
*Be sure your wood or material is securely fastened
*Remove your chuck key and wrenches prior to starting your machine
*Some dust is toxic, so wear a dust mask
*Keep your tools sharp and handle them carefully as to not cut yourself
*Start your lathe on a lower speed to make sure everything is secure and the guards are in place
*Keep your eyes on your work and don’t leave your lathe running unattended

To learn how to properly use a lathe, take a class at your local school or university, join a turning club or find a turner that would be willing to share his expertise. However you learn always be careful and use common sense when operating any machine. Be creative and imaginative to create your own special works of art, but most of all, enjoy yourself.

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Lanette Herrmann is co-founder of Something and More Hand Crafted Gifts,, and has enjoyed woodcrafting and other types of crafts for many years. She started out learning how to braid rugs with her grandmother. She got her love of hand stitching and weaving rugs from her mother. She also enjoys quilting, using the scroll saw and many other woodworking tools. When she isn’t working at her full time job, Lynn’s favorite pastime is spending time with her family. If she isn’t playing with her grandson, you can probably find her down in the sewing room or out in the shop being a woodcrafter.

Use Hobbies and Crafts to Perk Up Playtime

The Situation: Your child has invited some friends to play in your house. The kids start to run around your home shouting at the top of their voices and going berserk. What do you do?

The Solution: Children who begin to fight or scream a lot just need to move around and let go of some excess energy. So why not channel all that volcanic force into a mini marching band? Get the kids busy making their own musical instruments and paper hats (you can go online to research for directions about paper hat making). Probe your kitchen cupboards for make-up instruments. A plastic bowl and a wooden spoon can be a fantastic drum, while two aluminum lids make for great cymbals. And small plastic containers filled with dry rice or beans can become cool shakers. Once the band is pulled together, ask the children to march around the house or the backyard and play their music. Let them put on their funny hats, grab some bedspreads for capes, and have them march to the beat of their own drums. Literally.

Another Situation: A younger child is wailing and grumbling that her older sibling and playdate won’t play with her. They’re telling her to “go away and play somewhere else”! How do you fix this and save the day?

The Solution: Cook up a joint activity for all to participate in. For example, make a simple cookie recipe. (Note: Be sure to find out from a parent if her child is allergic to any foods.) Each child has her own thing to do, either measuring, mixing or stirring, but working together. They are to bake a product that is delicious and fun! The kids can spend more time in shaping the cookies, and then decorate it with chocolate frosting, jellies or colored sprinkles.

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Aside from hobbies and crafts, I also enjoy writing about heavy duty shelvings. So if you wish to find the best heavy duty shelvings in the market today, you need to visit my website.

Aromatherapy Soy Candle

Aromatherapy soya candles are attractive as well as serviceable. In a contemporary home, you can come across aroma therapy soy candles in living rooms and dens. The idea of adding aromas to candles could have started when people realized the curative wonders of herbal medicine. Essential oils from flora carry unique scents, and these are oftentimes included in colognes and air fresheners.

This sort of candle can be mass produced and sold to individuals who are looking for reasonably priced ways to chill out in their own homes. Aromatic homemade candles might not be able to supply strong illumination like lamps and electric lights. But, it varies a room’s atmosphere, making the user calm down more and feel relaxed.

Everybody who knows about soya and the accepted advantages of utilizing soy goods will value soya homemade candles. The raw ingredient is natural, which makes individuals feel comfortable. In a world full of rubbish material, crafts such as aromatherapy candles continue to be a source of happiness and satisfaction. Are you planning on creating aromatherapy soy candles for revenue?

Primarily, you need to learn the basics of soy candle making, such as liquefying the wax, adding the wick and cooling the candle inside molds or candle containers.. When you’ve mastered the basics, you can simply select a fragrance oil and add this during the melting procedure. Normally, dye and aroma can be added at the same time, but there are some sources that advise differently (i.e. dye must be added first).

When it comes to aromas, you have 2 options. You can either go for oil-based or water-based oils. More candle makers use oils because of the ease of use (oil blends well with candle wax) and superior scent throw.

Fragrance oils when lighted will give off a scent that can pervade the whole area or even the whole house. This is because the aromatic ingredients are completely mixed with the candle wax. Furthermore, the scent from oils will suffuse any area even after you discontinue burning the candle.

Soy homemade candles are the least complex to make. You only have to to soften the wax carefully and pour these in molds or candle containers. There is just one distinction between an aromatherapy candle and a regular soy handcrafted candle. Handmade aroma therapy scented candles contain fragrances that may contribute to a person’s well being, as well as make a pleasing setting in any abode.

One important task you have to master when creating aromatic soya candles is figuring out the amount of essential oil to add. Too much fragrance can make the candle wax too overpowering to use. You can follow recipe instructions if you are using materials from a handcrafted candle kit, but the normal rate is 1 ml per gram wax. You can either add the scent while the wax is liquefying, or you can add fragrance only after you’ve softened the wax and turned off the flame.

Also, remember to take the normal scent of the wax into consideration when selecting an aromatic fragrance to put in to your candles. Some fragrances do not mingle well with the natural scent of soya.

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Tom Taft is a Candle Making enthusiast. Here is more information on How to Make Soy Candles. Here is a website with a free mini-course dedicated to Candle Making.

Producing Your Own Impressive Birthday Invitations

Birthday invitations for parties must include all the necessary information that your guests need to know for them to be able to attend the party. The basic text for a birthday invite should answer the questions who, what, where, why and when the party will be held.

If you are planning to throw a birthday party, you must first learn to make and send out proper birthday invitation cards for your intended guests. Aside from the basic texts that you are to include, you may also want to make it fun by adding a twist by letting in your creativity to work when writing or preparing birthday invitations.

In making and writing down the details for one’s birthday party event, you must start by putting all the necessary information on a piece of paper. Write a short announcement for the invitation. A cute poem or a funny quote from your little boy or girl regarding his or her age will do. Make the introduction focus on the theme of the party.

Put the information about the party. This will include the date, time and venue of the birthday party. Include the directions for getting to the location of the party. Put the name and some contact information for the person in charge of hosting the party. This is important most especially when someone gets lost or needs more information about the party.

In writing birthday invitations, you may want to specify if an RSVP is needed. When you add an RSVP, it is important that you provide the name, phone number and the email address of the contact person.

Most of the time, kid’s birthday parties have themes to add some fun. Kids turning one year old usually have costume parties to make the event exciting for the participants. It is important that your guests know what to expect from the party.

Personalized birthday invitations are preferred by most people because of the sincerity that it sends to its recipients. A lot of parents usually made their own birthday invites with the help of online companies offering services like card customization. These companies help with printing out the cards or sometimes with the lay-outs of the invitations.

Birthday parties are fun. This celebration marks a special event in a person. With the use of birthday invitations, your friends and other relatives will be able to attend and share one of the most memorable events in your family’s life.

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Mavis Hayes is a mom of two wonderful boys and a wife to her engineer husband. She is a working mom, currently a partner of, a company that hosts innovative and creative photo invitation cards like Baby Shower Invites. Make your own baby shower inviations at

Benefits of Vinyl Wall Lettering

People are always looking for new ways to decorate their homes, cars, and their belongings. People have used all kinds of different products and pictures to do this but none have been quite as effective and customizable as vinyl. Vinyl wall lettering is one of the best ways to personalize your home and make it all that you wanted it to be.
One of the most exciting parts of customizing vinyl wall lettering is the font that you decide to use. Most vinyl shops will either have a huge variety of different font choices to choose from so you can try a bunch out to see what works. If you are a religious family and are looking for a scripture to go on the wall to remind everyone of their morals then you might want to go with a classy calligraphy. Or, if you are decorating a child’s room then you may want to use big blocky letters for boys and maybe some swirly letters for the girls. You can decide to underline words or bold them at your leisure.
The next thing that you will want to decide is the size of the font. Most vinyl wall decorations can come in all shapes and sizes. You just have to decide how large you want the pictures to be. If it is your front room, then you may want to put a large wall decal that has your family’s last name and the date you were first established. Or, if you want to put a small reminder in the bathroom to remind people to wash their hands you should probably use a smaller font.
Last but not least, you have to decide what you want written for your vinyl lettering. You can choose to have names, catchy phrases, or even scriptures. Just make sure you pick something that symbolizes who you are and what you stand for.

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Mike writes articles about vinyl wall lettering and for vinyl wall lettering

4 Reasons to take up Knitting

We live in a society that moves at a relentless pace, wanting instant gratification & hardly ever stopping to take stock of what is really important in life. In this environment, many people are searching for something creative & rewarding to occupy themselves. Hundreds of thousands of people are finding that creative outlet in KNITTING. So why should you take up knitting?

Firstly, as mentioned above, it is a creative outlet. There is nothing like the feeling of achievement of taking yarn & 2 needles (or 4!) & creating a pair of socks or a jumper or a toy for your favourite small person. Knitting involves only 2 stitches that are repeated in varying ways to produce absolutely endless possibilities for your creativity.

Secondly, knitting is relaxing. After a long day at work, coming home and sitting down to knit a few rows enables you to relax (unless you’re knitting a really complicated pattern & getting it wrong – then knitting can be stressful!). Have a few projects on the go at all times so you have ‘relaxing’ knitting & ‘complicated’ knitting & can knit the appropriate project depending on your mood.

Thirdly, knitting exercises your brain. ‘Complicated’ knitting involving intricate lace work, or a pattern that has 54 rows to every pattern repeat can really stretch your thinking processes. Not to mention having to calculate how to pick up stitches or increase/decrease stitches evenly.

Finally, you should take up knitting because you might love it! Many a dedicated knitter was initially a knit-sceptic, thinking knitting was for grannies, but once taught how to use those needles found they loved it because it’s creative & relaxing & exercises your brain & a host of other reasons. Some knit-a-holics tried knitting once, many years ago & failed but on trying again fell in love & haven’t looked back.

So, for the reasons mentioned above, give knitting a go & you might surprise yourself with what you can achieve.

About the Author

Andrea Katz has been knitting for 28 years & is a self confessed knit addict. She knits any & everything & sometimes designs her own patterns.

To view some of Andrea’s knits, see

Beaded Jewelry – Creative Mind

All the things that you hear creative people do to achieve artistic accomplishments seem senseless to you. But, in truth we are all creative; we just think differently from each other.

* You do not meditate.

* You do not know how to go within. Within what would be your question?

* You do not know how to maintain a length of quietness.

* You are not sure what spiritual is, how to go about it, or what purpose it serves.

* You do not consider yourself an artist.

Fear not…you are a logical realist. You think differently. But you can still bead beaded jewelry. Your jewelry will be uniquely beautiful and exquisite should you ever decide to become a jewelry designer.

Take beading lessons from a professional beading instructor and learn all that you can about assembling beads, types of beads, origin of beads, history of how beads are used, and their traditions or stories that beads tell.

Being logical tells me that you are consistently accurate and detailed. This is an excellent talent when working with pearls and precious gems. As you learn beading techniques, you will be stringing affordable beads. Whether you are color conscious or not will not be a major concern as help is around the corner.

Most people that are logical are seemingly also talented in math and this would be an additional skill for measuring beads for proper fitting and balance. This would be an added advantage for determining what beads would have a better fit in complex designs.

Can you imagine how your skills will advance with experience and knowledge? As the jewelry design becomes more complex it is your logical disposition that will stay in course for the tedious assembly.

You will discover being realistic has its merits. Your jewelry designs will duplicate the world about us. You may have an interest in beading projects featuring animals, flowers, trees, buildings and much more. Many memory charm bracelets are very popular as the charms have a story to tell or the wearer is a collector of certain cherished memory charms.

Perhaps the wearer likes to collect beaded fashions of crosses, cats, flowers, or insignias. Yes, the creativity is needed, but the logical thinking and math will be needed to realistically copy the object and to duplicate it for repeated production.

Do not belittle or underestimate that you lack artistic abilities, talents, or skills. Unlock the hidden creative spirit within and give birth to new talents that are waiting to be unleashed from your being as a craft artist.

Learn how to bead necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and much more. Visit the hobbies section of Tricia Deed at and review Beginner and Advanced Video Classes Jewelry Making Professor.

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I have an interest in both personal and business opportunity hobbies. Currently I am enjoying writing about my different interests and sharing these hobby interests with you.

Woodworker Plans

Woodworker Plans

Effective and practical woodworker plans for any project are essential; this is particularly true for those of us who have intermediate to beginner woodworking skills. And how many of you have experienced the same thing I mentioned above due to poorly written, illustrated, or just flat out wrong instructions? And I’m guessing a lot of you. Without a good set of plans, you might as well drive down the road and throw your hard earned money out the window as you go. When wood is expensive these days, especially hard wood, and you want to limit your potential for mistakes as much as possible, which brings me to the point of how to go about finding reliable woodworkers plans, is not always better, especially when it pertains to plans. There is the old saying that goes; you pay for what you get” would certainly apply here. I’ve seen some decent free woodworker plans for simple projects, and if that’s the route you’re going, you’ll probably be fine, but for more complex wood projects, you would be better off spending the money on a good set of plans.

Woodworking Essentials

Woodworker plans are respected as some of the best woodworking plans available. Plans are essential, but, some people often overlook the importance of having plans because they are confident in the fact that they know enough to get their project moving along. One of the key benefits of plans is applying it to DIY projects. Whilst there are some people who can do without these plans, they are essential to those who are just starting out and to those who need a guide to get them going. These woodworker plans come with a diagram, an illustrated guide as well as a step by step instruction on how to go about building your chosen project from start to finish. In a way, it takes out the guesswork and confusion thus moving you along much quicker. What makes a good woodworking plan? Besides the fact that it should be very simple and easy to understand, it should also be “user-friendly” which means that people of all skill levels should be able to follow it from start to finish without any trouble at all. Woodworker plans are for a built in router lifts that is attached to the back of the router table. It works nicely and allows you to tilt up the top for bit changes – easiest method I’ve used. I used a sink cutout purchased for about $5 for the top and edged it with maple scraps I had. A sink cutout is the part the installer cuts out to install a sink in a kitchen. High density particle board covered with laminate.

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Easily Find Used Engraving Machines

Engraving machines are the key to starting your own engraving business. Most people can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars for a brand new engraving machine, so they start looking for used engraving machines. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to find used machines that are in good condition. Often times, when you do find a used engraver, they seller wants to sell the machine for more than you can afford.

Here are a few tips to finding and buying a used engraving machine.

1. Search in big and small cities. You either live in a small or big city. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Big cities have more used engravers, but they also have more buyers looking for those used engraving machines. Small cities have less engraving machines, but also less buyers.

Whether you’re in a small or a big city, contact every engraving company with 100 miles of you and ask if they have any used engraving machines they’re looking to sell. If they don’t, ask them how they sell their old engraving machines when they upgrade to new machines. That will give you another place to look for high quality used engraving machines.

2. Look online and in trade publications. Awards & Engraving Magazine is a great place to start your search for used engraving magazine. In the back of each issue they have a classified area for both buyers and sellers. Keep your eyes peeled and call potential sellers as soon as possible. There are thousands of other readers who might buy the machine before you even call! Craigslist is a great place to look online because it gives you a wide variety of locations. Keep a look out in your area for anything related to engraving and call asking about used engraving machines.

3. Don’t be too picky. Engraving machines are easy to buy new, but used engraving machines are difficult to find. If you want a used laser engraving machine, but you can only find used wood engraving machine, consider starting with that machine. Once you have an engraving machine, you can start your business and expand as you find engraving machines that fit what you’re looking for.

4. Don’t overpay for your used engraving machine. An old trick for devaluing anything that you want to buy is to point out the flaws and touch each flaw. If the used engraving machine you’re looking at has a scratch on the front, run your finger along the scratch and ask if it was dropped. It likely wasn’t dropped, and the scratch won’t affect it’s performance, but that will get the seller thinking about how the engraving machine is really “used”. If the cord looks like it was replaced, touch the cord and ask if the electronics were fried and what other problems it has. If you can make the price seem steep in the sellers eye, you’re more likely to be able to ask for a discount on the price of the used engraving machine for sale.

Good luck in your search for used engraving machines!

About the Author

Finding used engraving machines is easy if you know where to look!

DIY Wooden Boat Considerations For Beginners

The build a boat project is not only interesting — it is also rewarding. In fact, a lot of people, at present, enjoy building wooden boats, just the same as riding on those boats after their successful construction.

When you build a boat for the first time, specifically the so called DIY wooden boat, it is normal to think of how difficult it is; however, the more you get used to building wooden boats, the easier and faster your boat construction will be. The following are some steps you’ll have to accomplish to successfully come up with a Do It Yourself Boat:

1. Consider the Type of Boat

If you plan to build a boat, the very first question you’ll have to answer is: ‘What type of boat will I be building?’ If you plan on building a canoe, see to it that you’ll have access to reliable canoe building plans. If you are interested in dory wooden boat construction, you should have dory boat building plans that are effective.

2. Decide on the Boat Size

Building Do It Yourself boats also means deciding on the actual size of your boat. If you just need a small boat, you should build a boat like the dory. If bigger boats are what you want for family trip purposes, fishing purposes, and so on, you should be building wooden boats like the deck boats and the fish and ski boats. When deciding on the size of your boat, look into factors such as the boat’s use, your building capabilities, and the likes.

3. Consider your budget and your time

Though making a DIY wooden boat or building wooden boats by yourself is usually cheaper than buying one from boat companies or boat sales agents, you have to be aware that you’ll still have to ensure that you have enough money to complete wooden boat construction. You should check your budget and make certain that it will be enough for boat material purchase. If you are on a tight budget, better concentrate on building wooden boats, rather than on building boats that are made out of fiberglass or made out of aluminum.

When you have decided that you really want to build a boat, you should also see to it that you’ll have enough time to make the boat especially if you are planning on using that boat soon. You should have a schedule for the construction of that DIY boat, and calculate how many days or weeks it would take for the completion of your boat building project.

4. Make sure you have enough space for building wooden boats.

If you have a tiny garage, or a very small workshop, then, it is not advisable for you to perform wooden boat construction, unless you find a big enough space where you can work comfortably. A large space is needed when you build a boat because there will be moments when you’ll have to turn your DIY boat a number of ways during construction, as well as to also check the quality of your work. Thus, a small garage or workshop just won’t do if you are really serious in building wooden boats.

Constructing a DIY wooden boat is a big responsibility. You first have to look into important factors and every detail to get an end product that is useful and rewarding.

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Karen Winton is an e-book reviewer who enjoys boat rides. If you want to build your own dory, view: Grand Banks Dory Plans. If you are interested in a library of over 200 DIY wooden boat plans, check out: Plans4Boats.