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St. Patrick’s Day Craft Projects, Tips and More

Be Irish for (at least) a day and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with our favorite craft projects and tips. Learn a little history behind the holiday and even a few Irish phrases to tell your family and friends.

About St. Patrick’s Day

Celebrated on March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day is the time to wear green, sport clovers and drink a beloved Irish beverage such as Guinness, Beamish, or Bushmills. Perhaps you could also remember Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland who is largely responsible for bringing Christianity to pre-Christian Ireland. St. Patrick used the three-leaf clover to explain the Holy Trinity, hence its association with the holiday.

Surprisingly, St. Patrick’s Day was celebrated as a public holiday in the States before in Ireland, where it was previously celebrated only as a religious holiday. The Charitable Irish Society of Boston organized the first St. Patrick’s Day parade in 1737 and New York’s parade began in 1762. Though St. Patrick’s Day become a public and bank holiday in the Republic of Ireland in 1903, the Irish government began a campaign only in the mid 1990′s for a more secular celebration of Ireland and its culture on St. Patrick’s Day, complete with four-day festival.

For crafters, we can celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with fun crafts celebrating the Irish.

Our Favorite St. Patrick’s Day Craft Project: Lucky Charm Earrings

No need for any more good luck charms when you make your Lucky Charm Earrings.

By Katie Hacker for Beadalon

* 18″ length of.015″ diameter gold Beadalon 7 beading wire
* 28 gold #2 Beadalon crimp beads
* 6 peridot 6mm bicone Swarovksi crystal beads
* 8 peridot 4mm bicone Swarovksi crystal beads
* 2 gold ear wires
* Beadstorm™ Chain Nose Pliers
* Desginer Flush Cutters
* Desginer Crimper

1. To make the teardrop part of the earring: cut one 4″ length of beading wire. Pass the end through a crimp bead, make a small loop and pass it back through the crimp bead. Crimp it.
2. Pass the wire through the following beads: crimp, 4mm, crimp, 6mm, crimp, 6mm, crimp, 6mm, crimp, 4mm, crimp. Don’t crimp any of the crimp beads yet.
3. Pass the wire end through a crimp bead, make a small loop and pass it back through the crimp bead. Crimp it.
4. Adjust the beads so they’re in the center of the wire, then crimp the outermost crimp beads on to hold the beaded section in place.
5. To make the cloverleaf shape: Cut a 5″ length of beading wire. Fold it in half and pass the ends through a crimp bead; adjust it so it’s ¼” from the fold. Crimp it.
6. Hold the wires together and pass them through a 4mm bead and a crimp bead. Crimp it.
7. Pass each wire end through a crimp bead. Bend one wire in a loop and pass it back through the crimp bead. Crimp it. Repeat this step with the other wire.
8. Hold the wires together and pass them through a crimp bead, 4mm bead and a crimp bead. Crimp the crimp beads and cut off any extra wire.
9. To attach the wires to the earring, open the lower loop on the ear wire. Slide one end of the long wire onto the loop, then the cloverleaf, then the other end of the long wire. Close the ear wire loop.
10. Repeat Steps 1-9 to make a matching earring.
Tip: Choose beads in any shape or color for an equally dramatic effect.

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St. Patrick’s Day Craft Tips

Remember the leprechaun’s pot of gold for a little fun this St. Patrick’s Day. Hide a “pot of gold” in the house for kids to find. Cover the bottom of a box with black felt, the top with metal circles, and fill with candy or small toys.

For a bit of Irish authenticity, incorporate “Slainte,” the Irish form of cheers, or for something a bit more difficult “Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig,” to say Happy St. Patrick’s Day (or literally St. Patrick’s Day blessing), into your craft projects. Write “Kiss me I’m Irish” as “Tabhair póg dom, táim Éireannach.” Irish is a tricky but beautiful language and there is a definite revival going on in Ireland to keep people speaking the language.

Some of the best recipes for chocolate cake incorporate a can of Guinness Stout and St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect time to try these out. Enjoy one while crafting with friends.

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Kid Party Crafts Review – Perfect Ways to Discover Birthday Party Activities for Preschoolers

Do you want to know about Kid Party Crafts Review? Do you be prepared to find out more concerning the reputation of Chris Yates? Or is Kid Party Crafts Scam or genuine product? You will find the answers in this honest review!

Most children enter preschool between your ages of two and 5 years old, and children of those ages are very active. Keeping preschoolers entertained and engaged during a party requires a variety of age appropriate activities, including games and crafts. Non-competitive activities prevent tears from children that do not win a game title.

Simple Crafts

Simple, short craft activities engage preschool children in a quiet and collaborative activity. The Enchanted Learning website recommends crafts that allow for each guest to produce something to take home, like a paper bag puppet. With adult supervision, party guests eliminate features for their puppet from construction paper or use pre-cut decorations. Active children can become fidgety when the activity continues too long, but a half-hour craft time allows shy children being comfortable and connect to others the experts at Today’s Parent. A bundle of pipe cleaners also allows children to state their creativity.

Non-Competitive Games

Competitive games often result in tears or discomfort during a preschooler’s birthday party, according to the Today’s Parent website, especially if the party guests include children of differing ages. A couple years old will not be able to win a race or game requiring hand eye coordination against a 5 years old party guest. Professionals at Awesome Kid Kids birthday parties recommends games like Limbo or Musical Bumps. Musical Bumps is a non-competitive version of Musical Chairs where players quickly sit on the ground once the music stops, with no the first is eliminated.

Story Time

Engaing and interactive stories keep young children entertained during an inside party where jumping and running isn’t appropriate. Sit party guests inside a circle and tell short, funny stories. Ask the kids to make the best animal noises throughout a story in regards to a farm recommends the Awesome Kid Birthday Parties website, or make storm and wind noises as you tell them a tale in regards to a stormy day.

Energy Burning Games

If you are planning to serve sugary treats like cake and punch in a preschooler’s birthday party, pick some energy burning games to allow the young guests run off a few of their excess energy. The Today’s Parent website recommends games like Simon Says, where players must hop, skip, roll, or any kind of movement across a room based on an adult’s instructions.


Some parents may hesitate at the idea of hanging a pinata in a preschool party because of the danger of handing a blind folded three year old child a bat to break it with. But according to the Pull String Pinata website, there are plenty of pinatas that open with a simple pull of a string by a grownup. Children can continue to scramble to gather up candy or small party favors, but without the injury risk a traditional pinata represents for young children.

Now, let’s discuss about Kid Party Crafts from Chris Yates and just how it may help you. I hope this simple Kid Party Crafts Review will assist you to differentiate whether Kid Party Crafts is Scam or a Real Deal.

Do you have a party not far off for that litttle lady? If yes, you have to be trying to find tips and suggestions to provide her an unforgettable moment. Without a doubt, several things you can brought on by improve her party exist. A good example is introducing my little pony party ideas. My little pony supplies in many cases are many. First, you can organize activities and crafts to increase the enjoyment for guest children. You are able to organize pursuits like drawing, printing, sculpturing ponies, making pony cakes, and much more crafts.

Kid Party Crafts contains almost 100 Different Party Game Ideas Certain to Fuel Your Party Planning and Help You Throw a Children’s Party To Remember.

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Steps in Creating a Personalized Miniature Doll

Miniature dolls that are personalized are fast-becoming the craze today. People are entertained to see a mini version of them – cute caricature dolls that look like them. These stuffs are popular for corporate gifts, wedding gifts for couples, and just for laughs item in your office table.

Personalized mini dolls are fun caricature items to make as gifts and home or office décor. Some manufacturing firms have started venturing out on this product and have sold mini dolls of celebrities, famous individuals, and even ordinary people through their online stores. Because of this, there is a growing interest on how to create your own minime doll statue. This novelty item is getting the attention of both craft artisans and consumers.

Here you can read and find out the steps on how to make a personalized miniature doll:

1. Contact a reputable manufacturer.
Getting your own mini-me doll can be both magic and tragic! Make sure you are speaking with a reputable mini-doll manufacturer that has lots of samples to show you. This is one way you can be sure they will be weaving the “magic” wand, and not the “tragic” wand.

2. Submit a clear and engaging photograph.
The best personalized miniature dolls come out of clear pictures that depict emotions to make it look engaging or entertaining. Make sure to submit a photograph that will be easily interpreted by the doll maker.

3. Choose from template bodies.
Most custom mini doll manufacturers offer a range of template bodies. Mini-Me statues are made up of clay and resin. These are molded materials based on the designed template. Templates can be working attires, funny costumes, professional uniforms, etc. The designs to choose from can give you a hint on the best mini doll manufacturer to choose.

Once you are sure of the personalized miniature doll manufacturer to pick, and you have submitted a quality photograph of you or the person you want to give the Mini-Me doll to, you can now proceed to order and pay. If the seller is good, you can have your miniature doll winging onto your home.

About the Author

Author writes for My Mini Me at

Pottery Art with A Long History V – The Tang Tri-Colored Pottery in China (down)

In the tomb of the great right-guard general of the Tang dynasty, a tri-colored pottery shaped in a camel carrying with music figures was unearthed. The camel stands with a perking head, whose whole body is brown yellow, and there are drooping long hairs in the head, neck, from the jaw to the belly, and in the fore parts of forelimbs’ up parts of the camel, it is soft and beautiful.

On the back of the camel there is a flat board and on which coved with a blanket, and two figures sit on the flat board with back to back and played the musical instrument, and on the center of the flat board there’s a dancing figure. The tree music figures all have deep eyes, high noses and whiskers, they worn long green lepal clothes and white fur boots, and only the figure in the front wearing a yellow shoulder overcoat. This tall figure of ceramic camel carrying with music and dancing figures is so beautiful and amazing.

The origin places of the Tang tri-colored pottery are Xi’an city and Luoyang city, and Yangzhou city is the connection point between land and sea of the ancient Silk Road. And the main means of transportation on the ancient silk road is camel, so we can image that in the desert, is the camel shared the hard journey with people together, so there’s a sort of intimacy sense between human and camels, its tall body, persistent and burdened expressions moved us much, on whose face, you can even see vast windblown dusts in the ancient silk road.

The Tang tri-colored pottery is the essence of Tang pottery, which had attained its peak in the early and mid times of the Tang Dynasty. After the An Lushan-Shi Siming Rebellion, along with the gradual declination of the Tang Dynasty, and due to the rapid development of porcelain, the production of tri-colored pottery declined gradually too. Although later there appeared with similar styles tri-colored pottery such as “The Liao tri-colored pottery” and “the Kim tri-colored pottery”, but in terms of the quantity and quality of which, as well as the artistic quality, they are all inferior to the Tang tri-colored pottery.

As early as in the early times of Tang Dynasty, the Tang tri-colored pottery were exported abroad and loved by foreign peoples. This kind of multi-colored glaze pottery are famous in the world with its gorgeous colors, its bright and shiny luster, and its elegant, beautiful and exquisite designs, the Tang tri-colored pottery is a brilliant star in antique Chinese pottery.

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I’m a Chinese girl, I love all beautiful, fashion and artistic things, and I’d like to introduce and display an excellent selection of China fine art, handicrafts, jewelry, home decorations, gifts and fashion accessories to you, also give you great suggestions about gift ideas and introduce you the latest fashion trends in China.

My Sewing Bucket List

A wintry mix of snow and rain forced me to cancel our monthly fashion sewing group meeting recently. In doing so, I imagined that some people would take advantage of this found time and put the pedal to the metal to whip up something on their sewing machine.

I had all good intentions of doing the same, but as usual my old friend Ms. Procrastination showed up at my house. Ah yes, Ms. Procrastination and I go way back. As far back as I can remember, Ms. P (as I sometimes fondly call her) was always there for me whether I needed her or not. No sooner had I made up my mind that I was going to sew the pants I had been meaning to get to for the past 3 months, there was that old familiar knock at my door. Should I answer the door or let her freeze out in the cold?

Before I could decide, Ms. P’s persistent style showed that she was not about to be ignored. The gaps between her knocks grew shorter and more frantic until I couldn’t stand it anymore. I had to let her in, I thought. Otherwise, she would just drive me crazy. So I relented and opened the door. Ms. P settled in and made it clear that she was far too comfortable to leave anytime soon. I had forgotten all about those pants.

I have to admit though that Ms. Procrastination can be nice to have around sometimes. For example, we pulled out “The Bucket List” I had rented, popped it in the DVD player, and snuggled under the blankets to watch the movie. In case you’re not familiar with the movie or what a bucket list is, this movie is about two terminal-cancer patients who become friends, create a list of things they want to do before they kick the bucket, and then take off on a road trip together with the intent to fulfill their wish list before they die.

It got me thinking about creating my own bucket list. I guess I sort of always had ideas of things I wanted to do before I leave this earth, but never actually put any of it down on paper. So here is my official list:

See the world
Learn to ski (I’ve been trying for almost 40 years)
Write a book
Finish my pants
When Ms. Procrastination fell asleep after the movie, I tiptoed over to the computer to begin planning my bucket list to-dos. Suddenly, there was another knock at my door. I thought who could that be? I opened the door, but the snow and wind made it difficult to see the figure at my doorstep and an overwhelming bad feeling swept over me.

A deep voice bellowed out, “Hello! Remember me?” I swallowed hard and then unable to fight the inevitable, extended my arm to shake hands with Mr. Financially Challenged. I noticed the many pieces of luggage and several trunks beside him. Agh! This was going to be a long visit! With both Ms. Procrastination and Mr. Financially Challenged under my roof, things have gotten awfully crowded and somewhat dismal, but I’m optimistic that the mood will change soon. I just put in an emergency call to my distant twin cousins, Do-It Now and Git-R Done, known to many as the consummate party crashers, but they always know how to get things done.

Ah, those two….If only they knew how to sew.

About the Author

Sue Ticotin is the editor and creative director for Fashion Write, a blog dedicated to sewing enthusiasts and fashion and fabric trends. In addition, Sue owns, an on-line luxury bedding store offering an array of high quality fine linens, custom bedding, and handcrafted accessories and pillows that will suit most any décor from traditional to contemporary.

Grandfather Clocks: How to Build

Everyone likes the look of grandfather clocks. How to build one though is a different matter. You see all these ridiculous prices in stores giving you stupid deals that still look expensive. You can actually build your own for a fraction of the price of an in store flashy grandfather clock and have the fun of seeing its internal workings and having a great story to tell people in the process.

If you want to learn how to build a grandfather clock, you have to find some good step by step instructions, especially if you are a novice. These are pretty rare to come by as you can imagine but it is worth finding some good ones from someone who knows what they are talking about first. If you are a total beginner in this area of clock building then you need to find instructions which take you by the hand and walk you through it. It is easy but rewarding at the same time when you see the magnificent timepiece stood in front of you and wipe your brow and realise that you created that thing alone.

If you are more advanced in the area of wood work and the words joinery, hinges, and pendulum mean anything to you, there are kits that give you all of the pieces like the pendulum, clock face, hinges, wooden pieces and allow you to build the whole thing on your own. There are so many good reasons to build a clock, especially if it is your first time, you don’t know what awaits you.

It is something great to do with a friend or someone in your family. It brings you close together. Why not try it with your father or son for a great bonding session and at the end it will always make you smile when you walk past it because of all the happy memories you associate with it.

About the Author

Wouldn’t it be great to have your own Grandfather clock that you could say “I built that”. Think of the joy you will get from building it piece by piece and seeing your creation come to life. You could even pass it on to your kids one day as something to remember you by and it would become a family heirloom.

Click here for “>GrandFather Clocks – How To Build

Discover Knitting for Beginners

I have already covered what the basic knitting yarn is for knitting and now I’m taking it a little bit further by explaining knitting for the beginners.

Knitting is really fun and easy to follow. If it’s your fist time knitting I would suggest that you exercise a few rows of knitting before choosing a difficult pattern. I started off by knitting some scarfs and small teddie bears. It’s basically the same stitches and rows over and over but that’s the easiest way to learned.

First we need to cover what you will be needing to start knitting.

1. Knitting Needles:

Your needles actually makes a big difference when you knit. As the size will depend how loose or tight your stitches will be and depending on your design what type of needles to use.

Straight: the one end of the needle has a sharp point and the other end has a knob so that the stitches can’t fall off. These needles are the most common ones used and are mostly used for flat patterns.

Circular: these needles can be used for flat and circular knitting. The two straight needles are connected with a flexible plastic cord and that forms the circular shape.

Double-pointed: Both ends on the needle has sharp points. Most of the time seamless items are knitted example socks.

2. Needle sizes:

There are a big variety of needles sizes. Sizes from US will differ from the UK sizes. Example US size 0 will be a UK size 14 but both are actually 2.0 mm. Do make sure you are buy the right size needle for the type of item you want to knit.

3. Yarn:

The most popular yarn that’s being used is wool. Wool is nice and warm for any type of item you want to knit especially in winter. Wool can be bought at most fabric shops. Just check what type of wool you are buying as you get different types and some are more expensive than others.

After we have our tools we can start with the basic knitting terms

Cast on: this is the first step to create a row of stitches on you needle.

Knit: this is the basic stitch.

Purl: this is the reverse of the knit stitch and most of the time when knitting you combine these 2 stitches.

OK, now lets start knitting.

Cast a few stitches, lets say about 25. The needle with the 25 stitches, hold that in your left hand. Now with your right hand needle, push the needle through the first stitch on your left hand. Bring the loose yarn under and over your needle. Draw the yarn through the stitch and slip the loop off the left hand needle. Now your new stitch is on your right hand needle, you are starting to knit your first row of stitches.

Now when we have to purl its a little bit different. You need to insert your right needle from left to right through the stitch. When you bring the yarn under and over it needs to be done counterclockwise. Pull the yarn back through your stitch and slip it off your left needle onto the right needle.

About the Author

Just continue these same steps and in no time you will see that you have learn how to knit. These are the knitting for beginners steps and hope this made things a little better to understand and learn.

How Embroidery Digitizing Works

Embroidery isn’t all that hard these days, because of digitizing. It has actually become faster and easier for many of us. Embroidery digitizing is basically putting in digital data into a computer with a digital file or scanned image and then creating stitch types, directions, density settings, and adjustments to make perfect embroidery. It’s like recreating an image or a pre-made pattern with the help of a digitizing software or program and saving it as an embroidery machine code.

The first step towards embroidery digitizing is to know what type of embroidery software to use for the project. We can find many embroidery digitizing softwares on the Internet. Once you have your program ready, you can scan in the artwork you want embroidered and start digitizing the image. You can use any image for the project — scanned from a magazine, a personal drawing, etc. If you have any worries as to whether the image is right for the project, don’t think on them too much. Part of the digitizer’s job is to make adjustments on the settings to make perfect embroidery.

Convert the size of the image to a bigger one, with the recommended size 3 to 6 times its actual size. Decide on the colors you want to use and apply them on the image. Be creative and try to bring out the sharpened beauty of the image you want embroidered.

Check the settings of the digitizer, as it should be programmed to lay out and make adjustments on the different stitch types to use, as well as the stitch directions, and density settings. It should also make considerations for the type of fabric to use. The digitizer will also do some “pathing,” or mapping, where the starting point for the stitching is determined along with the path of the stitches and the end point. This is how the digitizer became something of a “puncher” in embroidery. It lays out the map through which the embroidery machine follows through.

Preview the result of the digitized artwork after you’ve made the necessary additions, alterations, and adjustments. See that the image is clean. Zoom in if you have to. If there’s anything that’s out of place or incorrect, then make the necessary adjustments. When you’ve found the result satisfying and correct, only then do you go ahead with the embroidery. Make sure your machine will be able to read your file to transform it into stitches. This machine code is entered into the embroidery machine to be sewed onto the fabric.

If you want the project to be perfect, process a sample of the design by sewing it out on the same fabric or material. If there are flaws in the result, then go back to editing and adjusting it until the design looks perfect!

Many people now experience easy and faster embroidery because of today’s computer technology and embroidery digitizing. It only takes a while to learn embroidery digitizing, that even a beginner in embroidery will be able to make a beautiful piece.

About the Author

For low cost embroidery digitizing done right and done fast, visit Embroidery Digitizing. Feel free to contact the author at for any inquiries or concerns on the article.

Brother CS6000I Sewing Machine – How to Find an Amazing Deal on the Brother CS6000I

If you’re looking for the Brother CS6000I sewing machine, you’ve made a wise choice. This is one of the most popular sewing machines around.

In this article you will learn one of the reasons everyone loves it, the best place to get it, and how to find the best deal.

Or you could cut right to the chase and grab the deal below:

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Versatile and Long-Lasting

The Brother CS6000I has 60 different stitch functions, seven styles of buttonholes and various snap-on presser feet. With this level of versatility and variety you can approach any sewing project with confidence and excitement.

This is one sewing machine that will be at your side for years to come, not merely because of its many functions but because it comes with a 25 year limited warranty.

Buy from Your Home

Do you have oodles of free time to waste going out to shop, compare prices, and do product research based on questionable salesmen? I doubt it, and frankly it isn’t the best approach.
Shopping from home is the smart choice. You don’t need to waste time, fight crowds, or burn up gasoline, and no other medium makes comparison shopping easier.

How to Find Yourself a Great Deal

Finding a deal is easy online, but it does take a bit of searching to find. The straight-forward approach entails a Google search for the product name followed by a plus sign and any of the following words or phrases: “free shipping”, sale, discount, or coupon.

An example would look like: Brother CS6000I sewing machine + “free shipping”.
You would search the top results and pop the information into a spreadsheet, factoring in shipping costs where applicable and store reputation (no one cares how cheap it is if they aren’t sure if the product will arrive in tact or at all).

This article originally published as: Brother CS6000I Sewing Machine

About the Author

Rubin Holtan is a professional product reviewer, trying to help people get the most value for their buck.

Videotaping Your Magic Practices

The video camera can be quite the valuable ally for a magician. One way that a video camera is invaluable to a magician is that it will allow you to record your magic tricks and put them online for the world to see. Through this means, you can get excellent audience feedback. However, there is another way that you can benefit from having a video camera as well. By taking the time to record your own practice sessions, you will be opening up a new world of opportunities.

It’s tough to get a good idea of what you look like when you are performing a task, and magic is no different. Recording yourself practicing magic tricks can be done in stages and in different ways. However, regardless of your approach, you should usually find this technique to be helpful.

Recording Your Tricks Alone

Knowing what the audience will see is very important for a magician. After all, you want to be certain that you are not giving away any secrets. One good way to make sure that your secrets are safe is to videotape the actual performance of your magic tricks. You may want to record your magic trick performances from various angles as well to ensure that you have your act down.

Record Your Tricks as a Whole

There are good reasons to record yourself practicing not just your tricks, but also your persona as well. In fact, you might even want to consider videotaping your persona without doing your tricks, so that you can strictly focus on how you are approaching your audience. Of course, seeing both the trick being performed and your “act” or approach to the audience should yield major rewards. Videotaping your performance will allow you to reflect on what you do and don’t like and also to reflect on how you can improve.

Videotape Your Live Performances in Front of Audiences

Videotaping yourself in front of live audiences is the next step of the process. It is one thing to see your performance in a completely controlled and relaxed environment and quite another to see that same performance in front of a crowd. You may find that there are major differences; regardless, you will want to see your magic in action.

Taking the time to evaluate your performance is a step that all performers should periodically do. There is nothing quite like seeing yourself in action to help you learn and improve your act. While you might not always like everything you see, there is little doubt that such information will improve your overall performance.

About the Author

Source is Dreamlandmagic which has Magic Tricks and Powerful Magic Card Tricks