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Creative uses for your College Snuggie

Calling all College Snuggie fanatics. Attention all of you who have heeded the cult like craze. You may not be aware but there are many others sharing your passion for the sleeved blanket. In fact all around the country people are finding unique and creative ways to express their snugginess.

1. Snuggie Pub Crawl
The first and most popular Snuggie event is the Snuggie Pub crawl. There are conflicting accounts but it appears that the first event to combine collegiate passions of drinking and bar hopping started in Ohio in 2009. This is simply the modern day twist on the college tradition of bar hopping. Participants are required to wear a snuggie (of course) and usually this means their hometown team. From the USC Trojans to Alabama’s Crimson Tide college students are showing their pride and having fun.

These events have even morphed into fundraisers. Not only are participants required to show up in Snuggies, they must also bring a food or some other donation item. Major metro cities like New York and Chicago have major events planned. Such is the popularity of the College Snuggie pub crawls that many people proudly wear their school colors at Snuggie Pub Crawls.

2. College Fraternities and Sororities.
Known for their creative pledging activities several Greek societies have made great use of their college snuggie. Like swallowing goldfish of the past, today’s college frat’s have students wearing college snuggies as part of their pranks. Whether the groups BBQ or your next sorority party, snuggie themes parties are a hit on campus.

3. Snuggie Fashion Shows
Now I know what you are thinking… Snuggies… as a fashion statement!!! Could the future of fashion have Snuggies in mind? How about putting on your own college snuggie fashion show? You can’t lose with your local college cuties serving as the models. You could even have traditional college rivals as competing runway models. Can anyone say…Ohio State Buckeyes vs. The Gators of the University of Florida

4. Snuggie Social Networking
Consider creating a website connecting people in your area to meet up for snuggie related fun. Aside from the aforementioned pub crawls, there are also Halloween and Christmas parties to consider and organize. Like minded snuggie fans are everywhere and social networking is just the way to connect.

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Ira Cohen, has been involved with the garment center for over 20 Years. His experience with designs, colors, sales, and forecasting trends has led Ira to be a leader in his field. His working in Manhattan has afforded him the ability to work with top designers and artists in the industry.

The Power of Scriptures in the home

There are few things in this life that are more powerful than the scriptures. The scriptures are a collection of holy writings of ancient prophets that lived on the Earth. They recorded their dealings with God and the revelations that they received. Many men, women and children have read the scriptures and have completely changed their lives. Because of how important and powerful these verses of scripture can be, it is important to surround yourself with them so that you can continue to lead an honest and rewarding life.

When thinking about how you can more fully incorporate the scriptures into your home, you should look into vinyl lettering. Scripture wall decals are becoming more and more popular because they can be put onto the walls, mirrors, and windows of your home to help remind everyone what is really important in this life. You can find many different vinyl shops that will customize your scripture quotes with the proper colors, fonts, sizes, and pictures. You can create your own impressive piece of artwork that you can hang on the walls and get the attention of your kids and anyone else that might be visiting. This is a great way to let everyone know what you believe in and what it means to you.

When choosing a good scripture decal, you will want to make sure that you find one that relates to you and will be easily remembered by others. While you could get a really long scripture to go up on the wall, this probably isn’t the most effective course of action. You need to find a short, simple, scripture that will speak to the minds of everyone that enters your home. As you consider your different options, you will be able to pick an appropriate scripture for your home and family situation.

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The 12 Days Of Christmas Rubber Stamps

How fun would it be to make 12 different Christmas cards, each one of the images from the 12 days of Christmas song, using rubber stamps? This article is about the 12 days of Christmas rubber stamps you’ll need to complete a project like this and suggestions for getting your stamping supplies online.

Since I’ve yet to find these exact rubber stamps, you’ll need to use some license in your designs, but that’s half the fun anyway!

A Partridge In A Pear Tree

You can get lots of stamps of trees. Get one of a fruit tree – obviously if you can find a pear tree that’s ideal, if not you can add the pears to the stamped image later. Stamp your tree onto your card (adding the pears if necessary), then at the top of the tree, draw in a very small bird shape. Underneath your design write “A partridge in a pear tree”.

Two Turtle Doves

There is a beautiful dove stamp available, so all you have to do is ink your stamp well and stamp an image just below half way on your card. One the image is dry, place some masking tap (you can use post it notes if you want) over the image, then ink the stamp again and place it slightly above and behind the first one. When this one is dry remove the masking tape and you’ll have two turtle doves flying side by side.

Three French Hens

Decorate the background of your card in the red, white blue of the French flag, then with a stamp of a hen, place three hens one in each of the colors of the flag.

Four Calling Birds

Inkadinkado has some beautiful clear rubber stamps of bird. Pick one of those and stamp it four times on your card. Then add some small music notes coming out of their beaks.

Five Gold Rings

There are loads of different ring stamps in the wedding section of your stamp store. Alternatively if you get your stamping supplies online, just search for wedding ring stamps. Using gold ink, stamp your ring four times on your card and once onto a separate piece of card. Cut the fifth ring out, tie some very thin ribbon around it and attach it to your card using 3D foam mounts.

Six Geese A Laying

For this you’ll want an Easter stamp of an egg. Stamp this six times onto separate pieces of card, cut them out and color them. Place your eggs onto your card like they would lay in a nest and draw on some geese tails around the edge of your card.

Seven Swans A Swimming

Instead of the usual image that comes to mind, you can have some fun with this…. Place a watery looking blue patterned paper as your card background, then draw on fourteen paddling swan feet. Right at the bottom of your card write “Seven Swans A Swimming”.

Eight Maids A Milking

Make the background of your card look like a barn and place a stamped image of a maid milking a cow on your card, then behind the image going into the distance are the other stalls, just draw in seven more tails coming of the stalls.

Nine Drummers Drumming

For this you want to find rubber stamp of a drummer boy. Ink your stamp well and stamp the figure on the far right of your card, then without inking again, stamp eight more times each behind the previous figure. This makes it look like your drummer is walking across your card, yet there are still 9 drummers.

Ten Pipers Piping

Get some rubber stamps with music notes on them, stamp the notes all over your card and draw in the ends of 10 pipes around the edge of your card.

Eleven Ladies Dancing

You can get stamps of people dancing. Pick one that is female and go to town!

Twelve Lords A Leaping

Again, for this have some fun. Draw on the “ground” and stamp in some feet at the top of the card. In the middle write “Twelve Lords A Leaping’.

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If you’ve enjoyed the 12 days of Christmas rubber stamps please come and visit! You’ll discover card making ideas and instructions as well as tips for selecting your stamping supplies online.

Looking At The Brother XL-3750 Sewing Machine -Should You Purchase 1 ?

If you are to look at this sewing machine as a standalone piece of equipment, it does rate rather well when it comes to going through simple repairs and home decoration projects. Buying this machine is made more attractive when considering all of the extras that Brother includes with this model. Not only is this machine good to look at, its user friendliness has also helped it earn some rave reviews.

1 of the outstanding features is the capability to make adjustments to the existing stitching patterns.

Included are all of the important stitches you would need to complete most sewing projects. These include standard patterns for instance straights and zigzags as well as decorative patters like arrowheads, leaves, feathers, etc.

Brother XL3750 Presser Feet Originally, the Brother XL3750 sewing machine was included with 4 presser feet – General Purpose, Zipper, Buttonhole, and also the Button Sewing foot – but now you are able to locate it advertised for a great cost with four extra presser feet: Narrow Hemmer, Blind Stitch, Walking Foot, along with a Spring Action Quilting Foot.

With the alternative of these additional presser-feet, one can work in improving the machine’s capability to deal with far more complex tasks.

Features: The included features make this model simple to operate. Some of these include automatic threading of the needle, as well as the capability to control aspects like the stitch and its width by using basic dials.

Other features consist of a drop-in bobbin system, an extra wide work table, see-through bobbin cover, variable needle positions, adjustable upper thread tension, twin needle sewing, along with a reverse sewing button.

All extra accessories might be stored within the extension arm. The Brother XL3750 can be a great machine for anyone who wants to get into sewing or who sews but wants to try their hand at quilting, too.

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Sewing Machine Choices – Things to Look Out For

There are more people taking up sewing today than there have been for decades. With dips in the economy and people looking for ways to stretch every dollar, it’s suddenly become fashionable again to use a sewing machine to stitch up old clothes and to make new garments. If you’ve recently taken up the needle and want to find a sewing machine for your new hobby, there are plenty of options to choose from. You could buy a new machine, a refurbished model, or even a gently used unit. No matter which model you buy, you’ll need some helpful hints to make the right choice.

Knowing the Popular Sewing Machine Brands

Like any other industry, there are certain manufacturers that stand out in the industry. It’s in your best interest to search out machines from the respected, better known companies. Here are a few of the leading companies for your consideration:

  • Singer
  • Brother
  • Janome

There are a few other leaders in the industry, but if you stick with these three companies, you’ll be glad that you did.

Modern Day Sewing Machine Options.

Like all other appliances, sewing machines have come a long way in recent years. There are so many options on the newest models that it can be a little bit overwhelming to be versed in them all. For example, many of the newest models are computerized. They allow you to actually download stitch patterns and even do detailed embroidery work. There are also lots of easy to use features of the best new sewing machines. Most models have an automatic feed for thread. It means that it’s now simple to do mundane tasks, like threading needles.

Other Considerations

If you plan on purchasing a new or refurbished machine, you’ll want to be on the lookout for a few other options. Brand new sewing machines usually come with an assortment of sewing accessories, so try to get one that includes a generous supply of needles, thread, sewing feet, and other accessories. If you plan on sewing a lot of heavy or thick material or fabric, you’ll want a heavy duty model that’s built to easily stitch through the toughest materials. Check the specifications of any unit that you consider buying to make sure it’s right for your own, unique needs.

Most people buy sewing machines with the intention of having them in good operating order for years to come. Make sure that you keep the tips mentioned here in your mind when you shop for your sewing machine or do research about the latest models online. Like the machines of decades ago, today’s best models are sturdily constructed and made to stand the test of time. When you choose the right model and take care of it according to the manufacturer’s instructions, you’ll have a helpful tool to pursue your sewing hobby for many years to come.

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Jean has been sewing for many years and has a site at One of the best machines on the market is the Brother LS2125i. You can find a Brother LS2125i review at her site.

Sewing Machine Cabinets

For those of you who remember the old style pedal and even the older electric sewing machines you know that these machines came built into their own sewing machine cabinet. One reason for this was that these machines were simply to heavy to be carried around like a portable machine. Another reason was to protect the machine from dirt, dust, and damage. While today’s lighter portable sewing machines no longer need to remain stationary, a sewing cabinet is still an important piece of furniture to have to help protect your sewing machine from damage and to help it last longer.

There are many styles of sewing machine cabinets available today designed for the modern sewing machines. These cabinets offer the ultimate in protection for your portable sewing machine as well as a handy work station for when you are sewing. You won’t have to worry about shooing the children away from the table to work on that project or catch up on repairs because you will have your own built in work space right on the top of the sewing cabinet.

Sewing Cabinets Protect Your Machine And Help You Organize
Not only do sewing machine cabinets protect your machine but they can also help you organize all your sewing materials in one convenient place. Many sewing cabinets have drawers for keeping your tape measure, scissors, extra needles, and other necessary sewing tools as well as material for your current project. Some sewing cabinets have built in thread holders so you can keep all those different color and sizes of thread handy and organized. You won’t have to waste time sorting through boxes or jars filled with thread looking for the right colors you need. They will be right there and neatly organized.
Most sewing machine cabinets have ample room on the top of the cabinet to easily provide a work space for your actual sewing meaning that everything will be right at your finger tips making that project go more smoothly.

Reasonably Priced
Sewing machine cabinets run in various price ranges from inexpensive to high end models making it easy to find a reasonably priced sewing cabinet you like at a reasonable price. When you consider how much longer your sewing machine will last and how much you will save on replacement costs of buying a new sewing machine because of avoidable damage you will find a sewing cabinet well worth the price.

Where To Find Sewing Cabinets
You can find sewing cabinets in most furniture stores and places where high quality sewing machines are sold. There are also many Internet sites that have sewing cabinets for sale as well. While these cabinets are not difficult to find it is best if you make a list of features you are looking for in a sewing machine cabinet in order to help you find the exact cabinet that will meet your needs.

While we may not depend on our sewing machines as much as our grandparents did, we still want and need to protect our investment as sewing machines are expensive. A sewing cabinet will help you protect your sewing machine and help you get more organized in the process.

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How to Make a Pinata?

A pinata is a formation of wet glue paper that is used to wrap over the body of the pinata. It is usually made with bright colours and used during the time of a Mexican fete, as an essential symbol of the country’s tradition and public celebrations. It is said that pinatas initially came from China and was brought to the western hemisphere by Marco Polo. Traditionally Pinatas were made in the form of a six-pointed star packed with fruits, confectionery, and miniature toys but presently they are designed in all different types, shapes and sizes, such as animals, plants, and flowers. At the festivals, the pinatas are placed in the air and kids who are blindfolded, take turns to hit the pinatas. When the pinata is slapped hard enough, then it finally splits and discard the candy and toys that it had inside. By reading this piece you can really understand how to make your own pinata at home.

Things you will need:

A container

2 cups of flour

1 balloon

3 cups of butter


Markers, crayons or paint


Colored crepe paper

Instructions are as follows:

1. First you need to blow up the large balloon and knot the ends with a string. The balloon will form the basic body of the pinata.

2. Make a glue for the papier-mâché with the flour and water collectively into a container, until it forms a smooth texture. You can heat up the mixture to get a more efficient paste.

3. Use the scissors and cut the newspaper into a set of long 1 inch thick strips and dip into the paste mixture. Then carefully put the strips onto the balloon until it is covered, leaving a hole at the top. Now set it away and let the balloon to dry.

4. Then take some extra newspaper dipped in the paste and place another layer of newspaper on top of the balloon and let dry.

5. Now repeat this process with one more coating, and leave a hole at the top. When the mixture is dry, pop it and take out the balloon.

6. Now you can paint and beautify your pinata with various designs and shades. You can also put up colored crepe paper from the side and base area.

7. Bore two small gap into the top near the opening and use a large length of string to put through the two holes and fill the pinata (through the hole you left at the top) with candy, toys, or any other fun surprises. You can also fill it with strips of newspaper so the surprises are not all in one location.

8. Once it is completed, join your pinata in the air with the string and now you can start to hit the pinata.

Tips and Warnings

* When you are making a pinata, use your creativity and try to be as innovative as you possibly can. Design your pinata into any shape you wish such as an animal, flower, etc. You can also add thick colored paper filled with scrunched up newspaper and glue or tape it to apply any details to your simple pinata frame.

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A Woodworker’s Forum 101

At one point, a writer will reach his most dreaded end. Don’t get the impression that someone’s going to die. It’s not someone but something-the source of his creative ideas. Like any writer, a woodworker may experience the same fate; but like any writer, he must device a way to resuscitate his arresting ingenuity to make his creative juices flowing again.

There are various ways to keep your well of ideas from drying. You can read home furniture books and the like. You can subscribe to woodworking magazines. You can also attend architectural woodwork exhibits and other related events. But one interesting way of getting great ideas is by joining a woodwork forum.

But first, you should know what exactly a forum is. What can you get from joining one? Basically, a forum is a public meeting place for open discussion of various topics. It is designed to bring people from across the industry who knows the most about a specific technology or topic and who can revolutionize an idea or give direction and solution to a particular issue. In your case, you should look for one that is specifically intended to your general interest and that is woodworking. Online, a forum is also known as a bulletin board or discussion area.

Forums are varied in nature. However, its primary objective is to make an available area where users or members can interact with their questions, answers and discussions on a certain topic. They are also intended as idea-generators that will help the users get a new energy focused on moving forward.

There are thousands and thousands of topical forums that abound online. Each usually addresses a topic and tries to keep the discussions on topic. However, this can often vary from one forum to another.

Here are other things that will enlighten you before joining a forum:

* There is a limit in attendance usually 75-85 people to allow opportunities for discussion.

* Some forums are by invitation only. You may have to apply and submit information about yourself and your experience related to your chosen forum. Your application will then be reviewed by the forum committee which will select the attendees based on who will contribute the most to the discussion.

* To encourage open discussion, confidentiality is kept. Usually, you are assigned or allowed to choose your on username or member ID before letting you post on the forum. Nothing is published from the forum except probably a brief summary with the consensus of all users.

* Since you will be dealing with a number of people, you should expect a lot of discussion and interaction. Making formal presentations is not necessarily and sometimes an informal statement of the issue is much appreciated. The discussion is normally started by group leaders and then breakout groups are often used to discuss the topics in a smaller group.

By now, you are already aware of what a forum is and what it requires. You have probably gone searching for the right woodwork forums that suit your interests. Perhaps, you have finally been accepted by one after the rigorous series of applications you have had. This only means that you are also ready to post with your questions, ideas, and the desire to opine, but on second thought not just yet.

To be sure that you are ready for postings, here are a few questions that you need to know before taking on that task in the forum.

* Slow down. Don’t start a thread in an impulse just yet. Ask yourself first if you have something worthwhile to contribute? If you have opinions, you better back it up with reason. If you have questions, it is helpful for other members who are willing to help you that you support your questions with enough details. And if you have opinions that you want to say, always remember to be tactful and respectful.

* Check whether your concerns have already been posted. The search button is very helpful on this. So, find the search button, type in some keywords and then click it. This will allow you to few the past threads posted a few days ago. Remember that it is better to post in an existing forum that to post a new one.

* Finally, ask yourself whether you are in the right forum? Read the general description of each forum before entering and posting your thoughts. You wouldn’t want to be an alien among a bunch of tailors when you are really interesting to be part of a woodwork forum right?

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Looking to learning the skills needed to create exquisite wooden masterpieces? Here is the fantastic website and you can get insight info on rabbit hutch plans and the best simple dog house plans you can follow.

Choosing A Container For The Perfect Floral Arrangement

When choosing containers for your arrangements it will depend not only on your choice of flowers but also on the decor of your home. If your home decor is contemporary, ceramic cylinders in neutral colors will be complementary addition to your room. These vases also combined well with traditional and Oriental schemes. You should purchase them in different heights, generally ranging from a half-foot to a foot. Round containers are good for casual loose designs used with short stemmed flowers. Low ceramic bowl is the traditional holder for Oriental designs. Using a white bowl can complement any color flower and décor.
Of course, a multitude of containers can be found around any household. Tins, bowls, pitchers, teapots, and serving trays from the kitchen can be dressed up in flower designs. Wooden salad bowls are another possibility for creating an arrangement for your outside patio or deck. Ceramic containers are also used to provide a rich yet neutral look of nature. Glass containers can be used to highlight the bottom of the container. I like to used river rocks, glass marbles, and other small flowers to use as my focal ponit.You can also make a flower arrangement using terra cotta pots as the container. With a little more creativity, you can paint the pots with bright colors to make it more attractive. Containers come in many shapes and sizes, and can be found at a discount at garage sales or discount stores. Such unlikely choices as oversized cylindrical umbrella stands, tall glass canisters, or even tin cans covered with leaves or cloth can work well as containers. Other possibilities are Oriental mats, trays, plastic picture frames with fabric inserted under the plastic that harmonizes with the color scheme. A mirror can be used for the base of the arrangements, then add candles to complement the design.
No matter what kind of container you pick, using quality flowers is the key to having a unique and one of a kind arrangement. Thinking out of the box for your floral design will make all the difference.

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My name is Tamara Wright. Flowers are my passion and allow me to express my creativity. I try to offer my passion for cutting-edge design to an even wider clientele. My goal is to share my talent for artistic expression in floral design with each arrangement being unique and looked at like art work. I am without exception a creative and detail oriented person.

Beaded Jewelry – Creative Process

Creativity is a word used loosely to describe something that you have to pull from the air or a positive compliment from another person for the authentic, unique and exclusive beaded jewelry design well done by you.

As you look at your many bead collections, it is your vision or creativity that will organize your handmade jewlery of beaded necklaces or beaded bracelets into a beautiful and admirable work of wearable art.

But what is that invisible space or energy which causes creativity? Which came first the chicken or the egg? Where is the invisible magic that helped you to see the answer?

After completing the beading of the necklace or the beading of the bracelet, many compliments were received regarding your artistic craftsmanship.

During the magical capsule of time when creative ideas and solutions abound, it is during this time frame that you work with gusto to gather all before the atmosphere of the magical zone disappears. How we wish this would happen often as it is a silver platter of gifts given to an artist.

What do we do when this magical capsule, zone, or wonderful rainbow of gifts are not available but we still have to produce products? We must draw on our knowledge, investigate new techniques, discover new jewelry assembly products, shop for new bead trends, look through our personal idea notebooks, and lastly mediation or other techniques of spiritual quietness.

If you are anything like me, after I have completed beading many jewelry projects I am ready to create something different. Well, you probably know as well as I do that something different means it is time to gain knowledge about something that we have not done.

We can gain new knowledge by turning to other professional jewelry instructors.

As we follow the directions given by another jewelry instructor this places us in a position to walk in their shoes and experience their creative life.

After you have lived with their knowledge, like the tree of life, you will branch into other areas as you have been inspired by their creative works.

You can imagine how this inspiration enables you to recreate other one-of-a-kind jewelry designs and jewelry techniques as you travel this new road.

Drop by and visit the hobby page of Tricia Deed at and review Beginner and Advanced Video Classes Jewelry Making Professor.

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Through the years I have learned to be a jack-of-all-trades and maybe mastered one. Because my interests are many, diversity has been the road most traveled. Currently, my hobby is learning and combining these interests with my business of internet marketing.